West Winds Gin and Tonic

Caroline: Nothing like a good gin and tonic on a hot day. Don’t like gin?
Well, try West Winds and get back to me..

Ok, so I realize Gin is not beer. But, it is still delicious, is it not?

Kris: It was great to have Jez and Jas from Westwinds in town recently to showcase their amazing new gins, distilled in Margaret River, WA.

I made a G&T with 2 shots of West Winds “The Sabre”gin, heaps of ice cubes, healthy splash of tonic, 2 slices of lemon, a bruised lemon myrtle leaf and a few Tasmanian pepper berries. Super tasty on a warm afternoon.

These guys make great gin that is unmistakably Australian using ingredients like lemon myrtle, wattle seed and bush tomato. Check out some of their cocktail recipes here.

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