Beer Malt Whiskey Sour

Kris: This is a recipe I came up with for the cocktail list when I worked at Beer Deluxe in Melbourne. Caroline loves bourbon ( I think it’s an American thing) so I thought it would be great to make some on a sunny afternoon.

I don’t have a cocktail shaker, so I just used a clean tomato passata jar. Sometimes you need to improvise.

Beer Malt Whiskey Sour

60 ml Bourbon (We like Makers Mark or Elijah Craig)

30ml lemon juice

20ml Beer malt (the type used for home brewing) or ~1/2 tbs

5 ml egg white (optional, but when shaken the egg whites froth a bit and give the drink a nice smooth texture)


Combine all the ingredients with some ice and shake for a couple of minutes

Pour into a glass

Garnish with a couple of marachino cherries

The trick with the beer malt is to add a small amount of boiling water to it and mix it around well before placing it in the shaker… This helps it to dissolve  in the drink.

Caroline: Love a good whiskey sour, and the malt was such a great substitute for sugar syrup. It added great depth to the drink….highly recommended to get parties started…