BBQ Scallops with Little Creatures Pale

Caroline: We couldn’t stop thinking about the bacon wrapped scallops we had in Bedford on our minimoon a while back; so we decided why not just make our own version??

I don’t think I’ve ever tasted better seafood then the local stuff you can get in Tasmania in the summertime. That sort of pains me to admit considering I’m from Baltimore which is a close second…(Blue crabs from b-more will always be number one…moving on)

These scallops were soooo tender and sweet, you could’ve easily eaten then raw but we pan seared them for less then a minute on each side just to add a bit of crisp.

Our take on Jean Bonnet’s BBQ Scallops:

crisp up some pancetta in a pan

sautee some spring onion in butter

sear the scallops for 30-45 seconds per side (I like them nearly raw in the middle if they are super fresh)

squeeze over some lemon juice and season with salt and pepper

we drizzled BBQ sauce on the plate rather then on the scallops themselves, you don’t want to drench them and mask their flavor

place all components on a plate

top with nasturtium flowers if they grow in your backyard for a peppery zing and prettiness

the last and best step?


Caroline – We sipped Little Creatures pale ale with our snack but a crisp white wine would have been great as well, nothing too sweet since the scallops and the BBQ covers that. A cold Sauv Blanc, unwooded Chardonnay, a bitter pale ale or Pilsner does the job perfectly.