Sapporo, Riesling and Sashimi

Kris: A sunny afternoon, some fresh local seafood and a couple of friends dropping by? Time for some riesling and perhaps a beer or two. I was keen to make some sushi and discovered a 6 pack of Sapporo at our local bottle shop that, under further investigation on the packaging, was brewed in Adelaide, South Australia. I have tried the Japanese version, the Canadian version in the 500ml can, so how would the Australian interpretation taste?
Kris: I have mixed emotions about contract brewing classic beer styles in other countries. It seems common place these days. Guiness brewed in Melbourne. Peroni in Newcastle. Fosters is another prime example. In England it is advertised as Australia’s favourite beer? To be honest, I can’t remember the last time I spotted it in a bar or bottle shop. Apparently the majority of Fosters is brewed in France and sold in England? I guess thats why it is exciting to travel and to sample beers that are brewed  in their homeland. The Australian version of Sapporo was fine. A crisp, easy drinking lager and a good match for fresh shucked oysters and sashimi. I have said it time and time again, I love Riesling! I think it is the hop driven, beer lovers wine. My favourite interpretation of this varietal is aromatic with a distinctive lemon/lime character. Jim Barry 2010 Watervale Riesling is a classic, affordable version of this style. It is also a great match for oysters and tuna sashimi.
Kris: As mentioned previously, I am still learning the fine art of sashimi/sushi. It is one of my favourite ways of eating fresh seafood. I have the upmost respect for sushi chefs; it is truly an art in itself.
Caroline : I love the Jim Barry 2010 Watervale Riesling; I am also a huge fan of Alsace Riesling and the Domaine Zind Humbrecht was a great match for the oysters and sashimi. It had a bit more sweetness than the first wine we tried  and finished with the lemon/lime character that Kris and I both love in Riesling. A perfect spring/summer dinner!



Tasmanian Oysters

Day trip to Port Arthur.

On the way stopped at the tessellated pavement look out…

Lucky for us there was an oyster stand. Seriously.

And EVEN luckier, we had beers in the car.

mmm Oysters

The bottle shop had a fairly limited selection. We opted for Matilda Bay Fat Yak. This isn’t my favourite beer, but it is good to see the bigger companies producing ‘approachable craft beers’, which are converting everyday lager drinkers to new and exciting beer styles.

The citrus character of the cascade hops in the beer go really well with oysters. But maybe my favourite match is Stout and oysters. The rich and sweet character in the stout balances out the saltiness of the oysters. A clean, crisp lager or Pilsner works well too.



Oysters and Fat Yak

I also really enjoy a Tasmanian Brut sparkling or a dry riesling with oysters.