Tasmanian Oysters

Day trip to Port Arthur.

On the way stopped at the tessellated pavement look out…

Lucky for us there was an oyster stand. Seriously.

And EVEN luckier, we had beers in the car.

mmm Oysters

The bottle shop had a fairly limited selection. We opted for Matilda Bay Fat Yak. This isn’t my favourite beer, but it is good to see the bigger companies producing ‘approachable craft beers’, which are converting everyday lager drinkers to new and exciting beer styles.

The citrus character of the cascade hops in the beer go really well with oysters. But maybe my favourite match is Stout and oysters. The rich and sweet character in the stout balances out the saltiness of the oysters. A clean, crisp lager or Pilsner works well too.



Oysters and Fat Yak

I also really enjoy a Tasmanian Brut sparkling or a dry riesling with oysters.